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Macular Degeneration AMD patient
Glaucoma Patients
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Ophthalmology Eye Surgery
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Loss of Clear Vision


A Leading Cause of Vision Loss

Dry Eyes

Discomfort, Scratchiness, Watery

Floaters & Flashes

Floating Spots & Light Flashes


Loss of Side Vision

Macular Degeneration

Loss of Central Vision

Leaders in Medical, Surgical & Laser Eye Care

Since 1985, Eye Care Specialists has provided comprehensive care for virtually every eye condition to more than 200,000 people from throughout Milwaukee, southeastern Wisconsin, and the world. This website is an extension of our commitment to increase public awareness and understanding of ocular health concerns. It includes an overview of our practice as well as the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of some of the most common eye disorders we see each day in our offices.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not replace a thorough examination and recommendations by a trained eye care specialist. If you would like more information or to schedule a comprehensive eye evaluation or second opinion, please call any of our three convenient locations.

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Drs. Brett Rhode, Daniel Ferguson, Daniel Paskowitz, Michael Raciti, David Scheidt, and the rest of the team at Eye Care Specialists are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family see life to the fullest—now and in the future.

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